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The Memphis Grizzlies are an American professional basketball team based in Memphis, Tennessee. The Grizzlies compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Western Conference Southwest Division. The Grizzlies play their home games at FedExForum. The team is owned by Robert Pera. The Grizzlies are currently the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues based in the city of Memphis, and is the only professional basketball team in the state of Tennessee. The team was originally established as the Vancouver Grizzlies, an expansion team that joined the NBA for the 1995–96 season. After the 2000–01 season concluded, the Grizzlies moved to Memphis.

An upset former employee shared this in a review: "If you love basketball, Memphis Grizzlies will probably ruin that. Current management is horrible. No direction. No experience. No clue. The HR department literally runs other businesses out of their offices. Management cares nothing about employees. There is no loyalty. Only people watching their own backs for the knife that will end up there eventually".


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Elizabeth lane says

"Sent me wrong face mask..original order showed correct one that I did order then after they sent different one they changed the picture...pretty sneaky and not explanation either..called customer service and left messages and no response..will likely not order again material and one of them already coming apart but guess they don't care..BOO.."

G man. says

"Absolutely disgusted by some of the children’s clothing you got on you’re site! Sick in the head you lot are!"

Chicago Linda says

"I received my T shirt and I love it. I am happy that independent artists have an avenue to sell their craft. However, I was appalled at some of the T shirts I saw while shopping. You carry a lot of Satanic T shirts. Some have a picture of the Ram and the words " I love you '. The Ram is the face and symbol of Satan. Also there was one that was most offensive. There was a pentagram and children sitting around it. There was a child laying on the pentagram. You do know that Satanists have women who have babies so that they can be sacrificed to their death as an offering to Satan. There is a huge growing population of Satanists in this country. There is a statue of him in front of the Oklahoma Capital Building. Satan is sitting on a throne with little children sitting on his lap and one staring at him fondly. You really need to get rid of these artists. They are evil and only want destruction. Look at the evil in our country now. I was very leery to purchase any products from your company because of this. But when I knew the artist who created my Tee received the credit, this changed my mind. I know them and they are not Satanists. I know you don't help the artists for free so I am sure you are receiving some sort of compensation for your part in the transaction. I would like to purchase more products from your company, but I don't think I will because of this Satanic products you sell. Please be advised, no good will come to your company for this. Thank you"

customer says

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